• Swim: 300m. You can swim in any style.
  • Static Bike (WattBike): 7km. Bikes are next to the pool.
  • Run: 2.5km. The run is outdoors.

How long will it take me ?

The race waves are grouped by level. Use this table (based on last years results) to determine yours. You will need to specify this level when registering.


LevelSwim Time (300m)Bike Time (7km)Run Time (2.5km)Total
First Triathlon>> 7m30s >> 13m30s >> 13m30s >>34m30
Beginner +6m30s - 7m30s12m30s - 13m30s12m30s - 13m30s31m30 - 34m30
Intermediate5m30s - 6m30s11m30s - 12m30s11m - 12m30s28m - 31m30
Strong<< 5m30s<< 11m30s<< 11m<<28m


LevelSwim Time (300m)Bike Time (7km)Run Time (2.5km)Total
First Triathlon>> 7m>> 12m30s>> 13m >>32m30
Beginner +6m - 7m11m30s - 12m30s11m30s - 13m29m - 32m30
Intermediate5m - 6m10m30s - 11m30s9m30s - 11m30s25m - 29m
Strong<< 5m<< 10m30s<< 9m30s<<25m


The run route


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