Terms and Conditions


Expatriés – International Triathlon Club of Paris
Registered Association part of the FFTRI Ile de France Triathlon league

Contact – Nicholas LAMB – 06 32 76 59 41
All competitors authorise the use of images of the competition in which they could appear



The Piscine Henri de Montherlant will be open to all from 8:30AM on Sunday 18th March

The first wave will take place at 9:00 AM and subsequent waves will continue throughout the day at 30 minutes intervals

The race briefing will be done 30 minutes before each wave, and is mandatory

Competitors are advised to arrive 30 minutes before their wave briefing, and to be at the briefing fully ready to race.


Competition Rules

triathlon is a multiple-stage competition involving the completion of three continuous and sequential disciplines swimmingcycling, and running in immediate succession

All the participants in the Paris Super Sprint must conform to the rules set out by the FFTRI and other elements set out on the Super Sprint Series site.

Upon payment the registration is definitive and no reimbursement will be possible

To be able to claim a dib, each competitor must present either their FFTRI license or a valid ID with a copy of their signed completed medical certificate dated after 01/03/2014


The Swim:

– 300m in a 25m pool
– Fins, Flippers, Pull Buoys, Arm Bands and any other swim aides are forbidden
– You may not swim with your number attached



The Ride:

– 7 km on a Static Bike (Kickrs)


The Run:

– 2.5 km in total from the piscine around the Bois de Boulogne and back
– Respect the rules of the road
– Your number should be visible on your front at all times

The timer stops once you cross the finish line back at the piscine

Referees decision is final, time penalties and disqualifications are possible



First Aid trained staff will be present the entire day in case of emergencies, they will decide if a competitor should not compete due to medical reasons



All competitors are covered by their FFTRI license or Day-License for those without FFTRI licenses

The organisers decline all responsibility in case of accident, theft or loss of material



All competitors agree to these terms and conditions, and accept to adhere to all elements.

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